We're enabling the plant-based category to fulfill its potential

.Today, plant-based products are ultra-processed

The plant-based market is growing, and so is consumer health awareness. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the synthetic ingredients that are currently used to make plant-based products, and the perception that these products are natural, healthy and “better for you”.

About Usקראו עוד על We're enabling the plant-based category to fulfill its potential
  • Slashing the ingredient list

Slashing the ingredient list

Meala uses naturally occurring biocatalysts to treat plant-based proteins. The bio-based product leads to improved binding and water retention capacity, resulting in a juicier texture of meat analogues. Our product works with a versatile range of plant proteins, creating a stable hydro-gel when heated, without changing its behavior when cooled.


Our technology creates a better texture that can mimic conventional meat products. It can be added to products without altering their existing production line.

MEALA's Advantages

Improves texture stability, diversity and juiciness

Usability: Ready-to-bind protein shortens production process

Suits a wide range of proteins and alt-products

Costs less than other available solutions

Responds to current and future market needs

Environmentally friendly, with a low carbon footprint

  • Better ingredients, healthier future.

Better ingredients, healthier future.

By replacing stabilizers and emulsifiers widely used in the alt-meat, alt-fish and alt-dairy industries, our products will create healthier plant-based products. Get ready to taste the change.